In 2016, the symbiotic group of jewelry artists once again sailed to Lihula manor in the spirit of the Matsalu Nature Film Festival, opening the contemporary jewelry art exhibition "Symbiosis" for the third time on Wednesday, September 21 at 5 p.m.
19 jewelry artists presented their works, paying homage to nature with their creations.
"Symbiosis" is a different exhibition format, offering surprises and the joy of discovery every autumn, in a unique form. As has become customary, there will be artists and storytellers who will illuminate the behind-the-scenes moments of jewelry for the guests.
Participants in the exhibition:
Ivi Talzi, Kadi Kübarsepp, Merike Balod, Kätrin Beljaev, Sven Tali, Kristiina Kibe, Merilin Tõnisoja, Jaanika Pajuste, Kai Kubja, Kaire Rannik, Kerttu Tuberg, Katrin Veegen, Margit Paulin, Eilve Manglus, Keiu Koppel, Harry Tensing, Kadi Veesaar , Triin Pukk, Maria Kadarpik.

The exhibition was held in friendly cooperation with the Matsalu nature film festival MAFF.

Coverage of the exhibition in the newspapers SIRP and Lihula Teataja -nadalal-lihula-moisas-unique-naitus-symbiosis3/